FNP student looking for FNP's working in Pediatrics

  1. Hi! I'm a grad student at Villanova in the FNP program and I'm doing an Independent Study looking at Family Nurse Practitioners working in pediatric settings, mainly in primary care.
    I am Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse by trade, and went back to school to do FNP to get a broader education, get out of the hospital, and thought my passion is peds, I felt FNP would make me more marketable.

    I haven't had much luck finding people to interview to get the "lived" experience. People kept telling me that it was rare to find an FNP in a pediatric practice so I wanted to do some research and see how many I could find, hopefully in the Pennsylvania area, or interview someone to get their perspective on the transition from mainly adultcare to working with children,etc.

    If anyone out there is a FNP working in peds, or knows of any, please contact me...I'd be grateful to hear about anyone's experiences, background, and advice! Thanks!
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  3. by   ChristineN
    I am not. However I am an FNP student who has worked peds as well as adult acute care. I am not sure after graduation if I want to do adults are peds, and since I have RN experience in both, I thought it best to go the FNP route. Also, I have thought about becoming an FNP working in an ER setting, where I feel i would be especially valuable since I could see all ages of patients that came in.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    As a home health nurse with huge Mom Baby program in 5 county Philly area, I've found few private Peds practices with NP's yet alone FNP outside of academic or Ped's hospital affiliations.

    Check out NP Central's Find a Nurse Practitioner

    Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners Regional Group Info

    National Nursing Center Consortium has many NP run clinics in Philly area for adults, ---Think that Abbottsford Falls Family Practice and Counseling has FNP on staff seeing several age groups.

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