FNP in a non-clinical position

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    Hey all,

    Are there any FNP working in a non-clinical setting? If so, what is your current role.

    Thank you for your response...

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    Anybody? I would love to know as well, Im a PsychNP. Have been thinking of getting into nursing informatics but dont want to take a huge paycut. Im just not the type of person that can do the same job for 30yrs.
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    We have the same issue because I don't want to diagnosis and treat patient forever. I would love to move to developing health promotion programs or running a public health program.
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    I've heard forensics/becoming an expert witness can be very interesting (and lucrative!)
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    This role is done with a NP degree?
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    Plenty of NPs working as bedside nurses in my hospital. I can think os 5 or 6 off the top of my head.
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    Is that their primary job or they doing it as supplemental income?
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    Quote from Kgantt
    Is that their primary job or they doing it as supplemental income?
    *** All are full time so if they have another job doing something else they must be part time there. A couple I know well enough to know that it is their only job. Mostly the say they couldn't take the pay cut since NPs in this area only start at $80-100K, considerably less than they can make as staff RNs.
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    Isn't there a way for nurses to go into the business side of health care? Like, somehow CNOs become CNOs, and I imagine they have other business roles along the way. Not sure how that would work though.
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    I'm in education making around 80k but that's because I can't find a NP job in a clinical area down here in Florida and moving is not an option.
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