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I recently got accepted (for Fall 2012) both Cal state LA and Cal state Long Beach for Family Nurse practitioner option. But I don't know what are the difference between the two, and which one to choose! I need help please!! I... Read More

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    ELMN students and BSN students are the same once they are in the MSN/NP portion, so no difference there. ELMNs get their RN in 15 months, so that part yes haha..but the NP part, no. In fact, I think everything is more fresh in our brains vs peeps who have been out of school longer and only work with a specific patient population cause they forget a lot of stuff they never use And yes, I would say the opinions are the same for BSN, ELMN, or students who got their RN elsewhere( esp cause they aren't used to the school's b.s. haha). The NP portion is the same for everyone, no cohort, and we all register for our own classes etc. Like I said, classes are often only at one set time/day (esp the 2nd year) so you are in most of the same classes anyways

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    do you have to find your own preceptors at CSULB? Pretty easy to get the classes you need if you stay full time and on track?
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    The FNP I shadowed in socal said she refuses to precept students from schools with no contracted affiliation with her practice (i.e. CSULB and CSULA) and urged me to go to a school that found preceptors for you to avoid unnecessary frustration.
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    Did you choose which one you are going to?

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