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FNP Cal State LA or CSULB? - page 2

I recently got accepted (for Fall 2012) both Cal state LA and Cal state Long Beach for Family Nurse practitioner option. But I don't know what are the difference between the two, and which one to... Read More

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    Did you choose which one you are going to?
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    i know this is old thread but I'm looking into the Post Master's Certificate Program for FNP @ Cal state long beach. I had contacted their admission coordinator and asked specifically about preceptors. She wrote that the school help find preceptors for clinical. If a student knows of anyone who wants to precept, then they will try to get a contract with them. She even said that the school will definitely help secure a place to precept. This is as of today. Is it really true or has anyone had problems with this school currently with this regard? Thanks!