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  1. 0 Hi, I'm really not certain if this is appropriate or not, but..... for those of you who purchased the Fitzgerald CDs, do you keep them as reference or do you resell them? I'm asking because I would like to purchase the FNP disks, but the new set is pretty expensive. Where can I purchase them used?:spin:
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    I got some of the Amelie Hollier ( another NP review business) cd's online at Ebay-- I think if you upgrade here there is also a trade threasd where you could look for some there. Good luck!
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    ebay or amazon
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    If you don't want to buy the CDs the Fitzgerald book is EXCELLENT. I also purchased the ANCC review text which is something I would have appreciated while in school.
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    how is that ANCC text. i am just know thinking i should have bought that since i will taking the ancc exam in 2 weeks. i have the fitz cd's and the book as well.
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    The ANCC book is expensive but really does a nice comprehensive review of everything. It looks to me like it will be a helpful and concise clinical reference as well.
    The downsides are the cost; also the one currently available is the 2nd edition and I believe there is a 3rd coming out this year. Plus, if you only have two more weeks it might be a bit much to use for review.
    My 0.02--
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    I had the review book with questions and the CD set that comes with a book. I used all three to study for my exam and learned SO much. It cleared so many things up for me. The review course CDs and book, in particular. I sold the course on ebay but I wishI'd kept the book It would have been great for refreshers.
    Good luck
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