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I am looking into FNP programs and have heard good things about Waldens program, but I am just interested in the credibility this University has when employers look at at your resume? I am tossing up Concordia University WI... Read More

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    Quote from Mark Hill BSN
    Bigot - a person who is obstinately, and intolerably devoted to his own opinions or prejudices, especially with regard to people of a group...Marriam-Webster.
    Thanks for chopping up Merriam-Webster's definition to suit your agenda. The full definition of the word based on your source:

    a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

    I'm certainly not a bigot but that's not even the point. You used "Academic Bigot" as a label, explain that phrase to me because that is a totally nebulous concept to me.

    Quote from Mark Hill BSN
    The irony is, there is not a university within 100 miles of me which will be even in the top 100 of any category anywhere. Does that mean that us dumb, lowly southern folk should just stop trying to get our ejamication if we cant attend a top tear school?
    What is the point in writing this statement other than to personalize the entire issue with you as the central focus? Frankly, I don't really care either where you go to school but don't play the entire oppressed "dumb, lowly Southern folk" routine and drag it around as if this is even a social class issue. I am respectfully backing down from this conversation. Have a good day.
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    Quote from Mark Hill BSN
    What are you talking about?
    If you don't know what I am taking about then why did you change it to say "family Nurse practitioner school" instead of the original "family nurse practitioner"?
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    Why is Mark so defensive and angry?
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    Nobody cares what school you attend.
    Become a NP first before you make statements that are simply not true.

    Quote from Agrippa
    Its not a matter of a program's actual quality. I'm sure there are great quality all online programs from non-profit schools. Its a matter of perception of quality by decision makers. Whats very important in terms of jobs and professional respect is whether hospitals, institutions, managers, doctor/administrators and ultimately-patient/clients think (or don't think) online NP programs are high quality professional programs. I think mostly this is d/t the lack of good quality controls and high standards in allowing who can offer these NP programs online (or any nursing program online). It is well known that to be an MD in the USA, everyone MUST go through rigorous post grad education, 4 years of residency and often more years of specialized fellowship, etc. The educational requirements for NPs are so divergent from state to state, school to school. We should at least have some sort of national standard of what it takes to be an NP and be a board certified NP.
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    Good grief. I think there needs to be an ICD-9/10 code for "acute lorazepam deficiency." Who's with me?

    Over 30 for profit education groups, including Laureate Education Inc.(Walden), The Apollo Group (UoP), and the Capella Education Company, Kaplan Higher Education (which is owned by the Washington Post Company), DeVry and the chain called Art Institutes of _____ (not to be confused with The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, probably one of two or three greatest fine art conservatories in the country) are all under ongoing investigation by the GAO, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, and the DOJ for fraud. Not for defrauding students, for defrauding the federal government out of student loan dollars.

    Can one obtain a decent NP education there? Well I guess that remains to be seen. Good luck to the inaugural class on their licensing exams. The school has a lot riding on you.

    Is Walden credible? Well, how are we defining "credible?" I know how the dictionary defines it, how about socially? Laureate (Walden) settled a $100 million lawsuit about 10 years ago for enrolling homeless people and helping them obtain federal student loans. Personally, I'd be embarrassed as hell to tell people at a cocktail party my kids attended Walden. So, yeah, I'd say that represents a serious social credibility issue.

    But I won't just single out Walden. None of the others on the list is any better; In my opinion they are all an embarrassment to higher education and should be closed. I doubt they will be. What is more likely is that they will become ineligible for federal student loan funds, which in the long run will have the same effect. Good riddance.

    That is just an opinion. I have always said, in person and on this forum, attend the finest school that will accept you. Education is the best investment you can make in yourself and in your own future. Speaking for myself, for my own family, we opt for the best education money can buy, always, beginning in the toddler years, lo, and going all the way through graduate and professional school. We are fortunate in that we don't have to borrow money to afford it, but even if I had to, I would. It is that important. Other people have to make the choices that are best for them in their own circumstances, and I don't judge their choices. However, in threads such as this, when asked for a frank opinion I will give it, and frankly it is poor form indeed to insult someone else's opinion.
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    Whoa, that escalated quickly.
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    To Juan DelaCruz,

    I don't care so much about the school prestigious status. I just want to know if I should pursue my msn-fnp program in Walden. I live in CA. According to your opinion or logical explanation. I have to pass ANCC certification first. Then, I can take NP licensure in California. Is that correct? Please reply. I want to know since I am in the program. Thanks

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    Quote from shadower180
    To Juan DelaCruz,

    I don't care so much about the school prestigious status. I just want to know if I should pursue my msn-fnp program in Walden. I live in CA. According to your opinion or logical explanation. I have to pass ANCC certification first. Then, I can take NP licensure in California. Is that correct? Please reply. I want to know since I am in the program. Thanks

    None of the 50 states have their own certification exam for NP's. There are national NP exams and for FNP's, it's either ANCC or AANP. In California currently, graduates of CA-approved NP programs do not have to take a national NP exam to get a license as an NP. Those who graduated from all other programs (out-of-state, non CA-approved ones in CA such as CDU in LA, for profit programs such as Walden) can take and pass a national certification exam and will get licensed as NP's.

    ** University of Phoenix Sacramento Campus is approved by the BRN in CA
    *** Hospital affiliated NP's (even those who work in primary care) are typically required to have national certification as a condition of employment regardless of CA rules on national certification exemption.
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    I have to say this thread is very entertaining to read....!!!
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    Thread closed for review.

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