competency/skills checklist for each area of nursing

  1. I was pondering an apprenticeship type approach to becoming an RN in a number of different RN areas. A friend of mine is an RN, nurse practitioner, and certified mid-wife. I wanted to ask you all where I can find competency/skills checklists that I can present to her and have her teach them to me firsthand. I know that I can not become an RN like this without schooling. I just want to go ahead and have the workplace knowledge that a RN, nurse practitioner, mid-wife has since I have a willing teacher to teach me everything she knows if I stick with it.

    What I have found so far are checklists for a number of areas within being an RN. Is this link that I have posted below the best list of competency/skills checklists??

    Competency Checklists for the Department of Nursing

    Are there others that you can think of that are better or cover areas that the link I posted above misses?

    Now, that is for 1. RN. Can the professional 2. nurse practitioners and 3. mid-wives please direct me or show me where I can find the equivalent competency/skills checklists for those two areas also? Thank you!
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  3. by   SweetOldWorld
    And where do you think you're going to be using these skills? You do understand that RN stands for registered nurse, don't you?

    Practicing nursing without a license is against the law.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    You really need to go to school. There is no shortcut. No CNM is going to teach you skills without you being in a nursing/NP program. The above poster is correct. You would be practicing without a license and this is a crime.
  5. by   carachel2
    The "skills" checklist is relatively short. The critical thinking and clinical decision making skills are LONG and cannot be taught by one person. Just the fact that you are even asking for such a plan shows how little you know about your intended profession. You need a broad academic base of education that gradually narrows as your knowledge grows. Go to college. No shortcuts. Don't end up on the Board of Nursing quarterly newsletters showing pictures of "imposters."

    Your user name "CNAstud" reminds of CNAs who used to work on the unit who thought they were "just as good as the nurses" because they could insert catheters and IVs. They had NO idea what was really behind the title.
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  6. by   cnastud2b
    I received a PM about a checklist for geriatrics. Thank you! I hope others are able to posted/linked here as well.
  7. by   jer_sd
    The original poster might be able to qualify for another midwife certification CPM by the route described in the original post. It would also depend on state law ect. but migh tbe worht looking into for that poster.
  8. by   cnastud2b
    I am not sure what you are referring to jer_sd. Can you elaborate further please?
  9. by   jer_sd
    Quote from cnastud2b
    I am not sure what you are referring to jer_sd. Can you elaborate further please?
    Check out as a good starting point. It covers the examination.
  10. by   pedspnp
    Looking at your previous posts about med school,etc it makes me wonder actually What do you want to do .