Changing states as an FNP

  1. I'm trying to finish up my research on being a NP before I finalize where I would like to go. My husband I moved to Louisiana about a year ago for his job, but it is not necessarily the place that we want to make our forever home.

    After talking, he said that he would be willing to move our family to another state for my career if I went back and completed my FNP.

    With this being said, how difficult is it to change states as an FNP? Would you recommend doing clinicals in the state that you plan on moving too? This is doable for me, even if it couldl prove a little pricey. We have determined if that is a sacrifice we need to make, we will.

    Thanks in advance for feedback on this question.
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  3. by   Danish
    I say if he is willing to support you in your decision go for it!

    Have you considered an online Np program? I know the state I live in (Florida) accepts a few online programs. Just be sure to check with the BON in your state before committing with a school.

    Good luck!!
  4. by   Pug RN
    I am doing an online school. Problem is, Louisiana is one of the few states that won't accept it yet. They want more faculty hired from Louisiana, and it isn't happening so far.

    Louisiana is not our home anyway, so this is an excellent opportunity for us to basically pick exactly where we want to live and go there.