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Changing NP Scope of Practice

  1. 0 Just was curious how a state changes the scope of practice for NP's ... is it just the state legislature who would decide and pass a bill? Then I guess the BON would change their act accordingly. Anyone know how to keep tabs on which states are currently discussing changes? Or how to spur change in a terrible state for NP and PA practice? I am thinking about writing a letter to every state politician I can find.
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    Getting involved in one of the NP associations is a very good place to start. The ones I'm familiar with have an organized legislative group, and they are always looking for volunteer members to help.
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    It is dependent on the state. Generally a bill would have to be introduced into the legislature and approved for a change to occur. The BON or any lobbying group (including the AMA) can lobby (AKA ask) a state representative to introduce a bill to change the current law. An individual citizen could even write a letter to a representative requesting a change, although that would be significantly less effective.

    The best way that you, as an individual, can lobby for change is to join a professional group that supports your view of how things should be. You can also donate time and money to said groups.