Brandman University BSN-DNP

  1. 0 I am very interested in applying to Brandman University's BSN-DNP program specifically because of how the courses are taught, one at a time for the first two years... For someone who has been out of school for a bit, this makes the program a lot more attractive to me.
    I just wanted to get some feedback regarding Brandman students, current students and upcoming students?
    Couple Questions:
    1. if an application is submitted by the priority deadline, when is notification of decision expected?
    2. If the application as a hole (essay, grades, recommendation, prior grad coursework- etc is all good, in my opinion) however my gre score did not reflect my ability to perform at the graduate level at all. But I have 18 cr at the graduate level gap of 3.8. (My undergrad was 3.0.
    I could use some feedback?
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    Rich, did you ever receive any answers to these questions? Specifically about the GRE score.

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