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Im very interested in getting an advanced practice degree sometime in my future. Im currently an ADN working on my BSN which will be done next year this time. Im really wondering if NP school is worth it. My reasons why I... Read More

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    I will graduate this November as an FNP. Although money was a factor it cannot be the only thing that drives me. As a staff nurse i was making $42 per hour at night working 3 shift per week pulling in close to $80k per year. I dont expect my first NP Job to be paing much more than that out of school, but I do know that in certain area here in Mississippi that NPs are making anywhere from $65-$85 an hour, mostly in ERs, an some specialty areas. The real money is in going out on your own, where the sky is the limit on salary. I think many people downplay Np salaries to disuade others from going into the field. But I know know several NPs who make $150,000 + per year but dont go around bragging about it. A good friend of mine got out of school last spring and his first job was $60 per hour with full benefits working 3 shifts per week in a fast track ER, and has two PRN jobs. He averages 4 twelve hour shifts a week and is pulling in over $140,000 per year his first year out of school, without even trying hard. That is right up there with CRNA pay in high pay areas. Incedently, CRNAs in my area cant find jobs, and when they do, have to take very low salaires because the market it glutted with them. Doctors and hospitals are finding out that NPs can be a big source of income for them, and the demand for NPs will only get larger in the future. That beind said.....Money should not be your main motivation for doing anthing.
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    (I just signed up, so it won't let me send you a private email )

    I have been working in a trauma ICU unit for almost 4yrs now in the Dallas area. I am definitely interested in getting my NP degree, especially before the required DNP program is required. How was the process for getting into the program at UTA for you? My biggest question for myself is how I am going to choose between ACNP and FNP. I have read all the pros and cons, but it is very stressful deciding! I didn't want to rush going back to school, but honestly the DNP requirement is making me do it.

    For nursing school, I had to apply to the school first, then seperatly apply to the nursing program. Is it the same as UTA? Gotta say, the UTA website for NP program isn't very user friendly when it comes to information on the process. I am currently waiting for my transcripts, then will do everything else. I don't want to quit my job yet, so I was wondering is part time available for the program??

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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    It is worth it. I can not imagine having to go back and being a bedside RN. I have autonomy. I make good money. Im a contractor and work as littlle or as much as i want. There is no trying to decide if its Christmas or Thansgiving you want to spend with family. Plus I love the work and feel it suits my personailty a lot more than bedside, inpt work. I feel bad for my friends from nursing school who have not gone back. Then again I understand to each their own.
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    For me, no it was not worth it. I love geriatrics, but as a GNP, there are no jobs. When the last of the GNP program graduated(myself included in that 3 people who graduated). I don't feel it was a great program and I have health issues that have become worse since I've graduated. That is me. I wish you the best of everything. You will do fine.
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    So awesome!! I am getting ready to start a adult/gero ACNP program. Do you have any pointers or advice you don't mind sharing?
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    My advice is to find out the market for your specialty. I know even before I applied to grad school where I wanted to practice, geographically speaking. Also try to keep expenses down. I went to a state school and was able to finish paying off the debt before I even got my NP license, dea #. This is an investment in your time, energy and money. Plan accordingly.
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    Quote from RNalby
    I feel bad for my friends from nursing school who have not gone back. Then again I understand to each their own.
    Please don't blame them. It is not always worth it. Much.. much more liability and less then 1/2 pay of MD b/c of saturated market. That's the excuse I got from most of my ex-classmate and ex-coworker who did not go back. I don't know about you. But I feel like I always have to keep going with the time-limit with NP jobs and there is no down time. You are given certain time slots to see patient. However, you can relax and enjoy down-time in the ward on RN jobs.
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    I graduated NP school in 2011. I thought my starting salary was a little low. I work hard and I am very type A. My yearly raise in 2012 was fantastic! I have been a RN for 12 years before graduating from NP school. All I can say is GO! Finish your NP program. The starting salary may seem low for an NP, but if you work hard, the yearly raises/bonuses will put you WELL above RN salary. I am in the Southeast. I will never miss answering call bells, code browns, or breaking my back to lift/reposition patients. Finish NP school. I would do it all over again (if I had to).
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    Quote from drmorton2b
    $125 an hour for a contract Psych NP here in New England.

    I will be an NP someday, as long as I have a steady nursing job to plan $ wise. I think nursing wages will go down slowly for the average floor nurse. We won't notice the pay cuts because they will come in the form of no raises and heavier workloads.

    Also I am tired of people confusing me the LPN as a NP, just like people think that because I am male I must be the doctor.
    Ok where is this job that pays PsychNPs $125/hr? I hate the cold but it would be nice to be near my family again.

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