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I am a locums FNP working mainly ER/UC. Currently i'm in a family practice clinic but only for 1 month. They don't have a provider after me except for 1 day/week and they were lacking a provider... Read More

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    Really enjoying this thread. My formulary is limited by state restrictions as well as by my "collaborating" physician. I really hated these artificial restrictions at first, but to be honest, I don't mind them so much anymore, 1 day each week I work in a clinic that sees the patients that no one else will see with the county health plan or self-pay or already discharged from every other practice. These hard and fast rules make things easier for me because I don't have to make those judgment calls. My clinic does not do opiates for chronic pain at all, any type of chronic pain. I don't do ADHD drugs for adults (and all the kids go to a specialist anyway). It does mean I have to put away my empathy when I work in that clinic, for the first several months I came home every day feeling so bad that I couldn't help people with real pain problems or mad at all the scammers for hounding me for something I couldn't do, now I go home knowing I am doing the best I can for them and I mostly can shrug off the feelings.

    By my own choice, I do not do Adipex or anything like it for weight loss, I have never asked if it would be a problem, but I just won't do it, think it's a crock (and I find ridiculous that my patients who won't scrape together their $5 sliding scale fee to see me will scrape together the money for a weight loss miracle drug, but that is another topic for another day).

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