Anyone from public health background?

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    I'm curious if any NP's here ever worked in a health department or in some capacity within public health?

    I'm wondering, how do you feel your job prepared you (or not) for your role as an NP? What benefits/ challenges do you perceive are related to your experience?

    Currently I am working at the local health dpt in women's health. Here, we are given specialized training to perform advanced procedures beyond regular RN duties. For instance, I do breast and pelvic exams, perform Pap smears, and identify and treat std's based on pre-established protocols. I believe this training will help in the women's health portion of NP school (I start this fall) but I sometimes wonder if my training is better or worse for my future practice than traditional med surge- I only worked 6 mos in a hospital.

    I'm asking because I'm at a crossroads. I'm starting NP school this fall and I want to gain the best experiences possible to prepare me for both school and real world NP work. I'm considering applying for a transfer to child health in the health dpt to gain experience in that area (also an expanded role position like the one I am in now, utilizing training to identify and treat within protocols) or going back to the hospital for more med-surge practice.

    Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!
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