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Hi all. I am a new graduate RN who is enjoying his first job as a med-surg nurse. I don't know about everyone else, but I am so tired of the nurse practitioner craze that seems to be overtaking the newest wave of graduate RNs. ... Read More

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    Quote from mslove
    whenever I go to my doctor's office I see the NP. I rarely see the MD anymore. I think they play a good role as a doctor substitute in the PCP or office setting.
    I go to a community health center to see my primary care NP. My former MD saw her last patient at 2pm and I can see my NP after hours. In fact I have an appt today at 5:15pm.
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    I think that NPs are the perfect blend of compassionate nursing care and medicine. I haven't seen any articles showing evidence that NPs provide inferior care to patients. And truth be told, NPs and PAs are the future of primary care, especially with the changes in the healthcare system.
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