Any NP's start off in a new state for their first job?

  1. I am a registered nurse in the process of applying to get my MSN-FNP. Instead of getting my FNP and staying in the corrupt state of Illinois after graduation, I would like to start fresh in a new state. Are there any other NP's who have done this? When I graduated nursing school, I had a job lined up 5 months before I even graduated. Is it possible to start applying for jobs a couple months prior to graduation? Should I become licensed in the states I'm considering moving to to get a head start? I'm trying to research this as much as possible while I'm 3 years ahead.
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  3. by   Neuro Guy NP
    Yes, I moved from Georgia where I was an RN to Pennsylvania after NP school. I did my fellowship training in PA & NJ with a large practice at an academic university setting. I now continue to practice in the PA/NJ area. The only challenge was of course the change in scenery, you know, the usual moving across country and getting set up, etc. Otherwise everything was just fine. So I doubt you'll have much difficulties in terms of your practice because that new state will be all you'll know in terms of NP world.

    Good luck on your move.