AGNP unemployable?

  1. 0 Having a crisis of confidence here, I'm hoping some working and/or new AGNPs might offer their perspectives.. Just got accepted to a decent Advanced Nursing Immersion program (AGNP) in the Seattle area, but I'm terrified of spending 80k to discover I cant find a decent, or any, position in 3 years. I'm a 45 year old guy with no health care experience (other than volunteering and a CNA license), but lots of other professional work experience.

    -Are there any practicing AGNPs out there that can speak to where they expect the job market to be in 3 years?
    -Should I expect to relocate in order to find a position as a newly minted AGNP?
    -Is the immersion approach a fools game offered by schools eager to accept your cash?

    Thanks all!
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    You might not be able to find a job in the seattle area but if you are willing to move you can get a job with just about any NP certification.
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    I am an ANP working in the Southeast. There are jobs advertised for AGNPs here in my area...but this is a big retirement area so that may not be the case across the country.

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