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hello alll! just joined! i really need help! i was just accepted into an acnp program, i have one year critical care and one year tele experience as an rn. I love critical care but i have realized how important primary care is in... Read More

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    Hi! I am also in a similar situation, I have applied to all three specialties at different schools and have been doing a lot of thinking to make my decision about which to choose! I have worked in critical care for many many years and love that specialty, however i am not dead set on having to work as a critical care NP. I also dont really have any interest in working with children. After talking extensively with many NP's that work in my hospital, many pointed out the fact that if you decide you do want to work in a hospital (whether an outpatient or inpatient setting), the trend is going towards needing an ACNP degree (especially if a new grad, however i'm sure years of experience as an NP with another specialty degree trumps that ) They also pointed out that most private practices with specialties such as cardiology, oncology etc that mainly treat adults usually hire ACNP's no problem because their training still covers this patient population. I kind of like the idea of having the flexibility of working in an adult practice or having the challenge of critical care or acute care if I desire that at some point too. To the ACNP's and ANP's, do you find this information I got from other NP's at my hospital to be accurate? Thanks for any extra info in advance and good luck with your degree!

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    My general understanding is that ACNPS can only do inpatient stuff. I can see if you're a cardiology ACNP who's MD admits, you can get around that and see people in the office. You just have to keep in mind your scope of practice, where you're trained to be, and how you will prove that you are qualified to practice where you practice. IE - I work as an inpatient ANP, but I am doing Internal Medicine which I was trained to do as a NP. I'm also going through an orientation phase complete with guidelines to ensure that I am documented as being qualified to practice with the population I am working with.
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