ACNP/RNFA salary negotiations - page 3

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I will be completing a general/minimally invasive fellowship in May and without being too specific, can anyone tell me what is an acceptable salary for someone with less than 2 years experience? The surgeon that I work with says... Read More

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    I did this type of job before.
    It's brutal.
    80 hour work weeks are the norm for sure.
    Best of luck in your search.
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    Hey kguill975,

    I think you can be a Great resource for me to get information. I am an OR nurse, applying for ACNP then eventually do RNFA and be a surgical NP. My question is after the education , how can I find a job? IS it through the Surgeon or through hospital? I dont see any opening for ACNP ,RNFA.
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    How is the RNFA/FNP thing going? I have a ton of questions! I'm not sure how to email members, but if there is a way I would love to pick your brain!