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I will be completing a general/minimally invasive fellowship in May and without being too specific, can anyone tell me what is an acceptable salary for someone with less than 2 years experience? The surgeon that I work with says... Read More

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    I did this type of job before.
    It's brutal.
    80 hour work weeks are the norm for sure.
    Best of luck in your search.

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    Hey kguill975,

    I think you can be a Great resource for me to get information. I am an OR nurse, applying for ACNP then eventually do RNFA and be a surgical NP. My question is after the education , how can I find a job? IS it through the Surgeon or through hospital? I dont see any opening for ACNP ,RNFA.
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    How is the RNFA/FNP thing going? I have a ton of questions! I'm not sure how to email members, but if there is a way I would love to pick your brain!
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    Vascular Surgery WA state. I did go to the NIFA program to first assist to improve suture skills but it is not required in WA state for billing to be an RNFA as long as you are an ARNP. I make 115K which includes 10 'call' days a month where I am on 24/7 surgical call to assist. I average 1-2 surgeries that bring me in per month. I assist about 40 scheduled surgical cases per month. I perform fistulagrams, tunnel catheters, IVC filters etc in IR on a scheduled basis. I have a tueaday-friday work week with one day of clinic otherwise I am in the OR or IR suite. I round one weekend per month. Its a nice schedule for a surgical specialty. If I would be willing to do more time I would likely make more... but totally agree on the work life balance aspect
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    So you can be an NP and an RNFA?

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