AANP exam--prep for adult NP?

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    Hi all, I'm taking the Adult NP exam through the AANP in a couple of months. I'm trying to devise a plan for studying--I think I'm going to review all of my pharm, physical exam normals/abnormals, and pathophys/disease specific info. Then I'm going to use the Leik book and the Fitzgerald book. Have any of you taken the online review course from Fitzgerald? Curious if it was helpful, and worth the $220. Any tips? Thanks, Sam

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    I did the ANCC adult NP exam last year. I took Fitzgerald's live review course and bought her certification review & prep book. Her live course was excellent and I am sure the online/taped versions would be as well. I used her review book only to study for the exam-I went through the whole thing twice (except for the family parts at the end). I passed easily and will bring out the book again next month when I start studying for the FNP exam. Good luck!
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    I used Fitz's book/CD and Millonig. I enjoyed the Fitz book better than Millonig. The CD is hularious and easy to listen to in the car, coffeeshop, on the run, etc. The CD gives you advice on test taking tips, as well as how to dissect questions. I found myself not using the Millonig book after a while, thus bought a new book, Leik.

    Leik was a breath of fresh air. Handy size, easy to carry around and I liked the random questions, about 500 or so, in the back of the book. My wife, friends, co-workers could ask me anything with the Leik book.

    I took both exams (ANCC, AANP). ANCC left me scratching my head in a few series of questions. AANP was straightforward, clinically based, and I actually enjoyed taking the exam (vs ANCC). I heard from AANP in FIVE weeks, got my license the next day. I have yet to hear from ANCC (91 days as of today).

    Best of luck!

    PS: check ebay/amazon for the fitz book. It's 2005, but still quite up2date. Leik is 2008.
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    I bought the Fitzgerald CD's and accompanying book. I haven't taken the test yet, but I can tell you that it seems excellent. I don't plan to buy any other study materials as I really think this covers just about everything.
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    I recently took the Adult NP Certification exam, AANP, and it was much more difficult than I had anticipated. Fortunately, the computer said I PASSED. I suggest the following: Get a good nights sleep the night before, as most questions requrie you to really think through the answers. Concentrate on the health problems of the elderly--The Fitzgerald online prescribing for the elderly was really helpful. The live review class "Fitzgerald" was helpful, but many of the questions on the test were not covered in the review class. Study like crazy, take practice tests and try to de-stress the day before the exam.
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    i did the Kellermann live review. It was very helpful. I reccomend her question book it has 1000 questions with explanations. Her methods are effective for the ANCC or AANP adult NP exams
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    I Hope you did well on your exam. How did it go? I am still waiting for the AANP to send me my permission to take the exam.
    I am using Amelie Hollier and Fitzgerald CDs to listen to in the car and review in the books that accompany the CDs. I have the ANP certification exam prep book by Leik that someone else mentioned and I LOVE that one! It gives lots of helpful hints. It is not expensive. I am really worried about the exam and have test anxiety.
    Let me know how things go for you. Best of luck, and yes, I made a list like you did and followed it. I also am doing practice tests you can buy from APEA that break down the exam and you see what areas you need to study. I feel they are worth the money.
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    I agree whole heartedly about the Leik book. Why did you take both? I thought about signing up for both and that way if I failed one, I could study and take the other! Crazy, I know, but I just wanted to have a back up plan. I am worried about it and am still waiting to hear from AANP. The AACN application and recertification just seemed too much, so I chose AANP. Thanks for your post, it really helped me.
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    I went to the Barkley course (www.npcourses.com) and I bought the Cds. After the review course...I pretty much listened to the Cds and read from the review book one or two sections a day in order to really dive into the material...after I went through it once...i started doing more and more sections per day until it was like a review.... I recently passed the AANP and thought the course was very helpful. I also bought the APEA Q and A book as a memory jogger. I would not recommend just doing a bunch of questions over and over. I would learn the material from whatever review course or book you have and ONLY use question books if you have a routine of writing down what you don't know and looking up why you missed it....studying decreased my anxiety...the more I knew..the better I felt!...Good Luck......(my first post!)
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    Does anyone know what percentage you have to get correct on the AANP FNP exam to pass? I have been getting 75%-80% on a good day and take it in four days. Absolutely freaking out.

    Also, any particular sections more focus on FNP AANP exam? In my practice tests I noticed lots of Metab/Endocrine, Immune/Heme, and Neuro.... HELPP

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