Why does my nurse manager never email me back?

  1. I very rarely email my nurse manager. The few times I have, it is with a specific concern. The last time I emailed her, I requested a reply. I have never gotten a reply, even to the last email requesting one.

    I have heard from a few others on my unit that they never receive replies, either.

    If I call her (I work nights), she is receptive to listening, however, but never offer any real solution, only 'how can I learn/deal from/with this....which is, in a sense good...but sometimes, I don't know, a solutin would be nice. Or a follow up.

    Is this a management technique?
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  3. by   ksreuter
    Well a couple things could be going on here. 1) Your manager may prefer to hear your voice or see your face to communicate. Some people feel they get a better sense of what is being asked etc. If this is the case, your manager should suggest you call or meet instead of simply not replying.

    Another thing is that managers most often don't care if you come to them with a problem, but they generally want you to also come with a suggestion for a solution.

    Nothing really excuses a manager not responding to a request from an employee.

    Maybe you just have a cruddy manager. :S
  4. by   classicdame
    may be she does not want to put anything in writing. I got an email recently from someone in the facility who, in my opinion, is a troublemaker. He asked a simple question (answer easily found in policy) so I got suspicious he was fishing for some personal reason. I thought about it a few days then finally responded with cut/paste from policy and no personal comments. I just do not trust him.
  5. by   kayern
    I return e-mails all the time, even if they are gripe type. Not responding, in my opinion is rude. The sender may not get the response they want, but they always get a response.
    With that being said, depending on the topic, perhaps your manager would rather discuss face to face. E-mail looses something........no face to face, no intonations, no observations, etc. Give him/her the benefit of the doubt and when you have an issue that needs a response, e-mail for an appointment.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Her management technique is apparently to avoid effort if at all possible.
  7. by   CrunchRN
    Could you go in during the day on your day off and tackle her? Then hold her down until she responds....

    She probably doesn't respond because she doesn't want anything in writing and is hoping you will fix it yourself so she doesn't have to hassle with it.
  8. by   RomanRN813
    Stop emailing your manager. Most are so stressed with staffing and budget issues, they just can't deal with inquisitive types. Also, always being in your manager's "in box", puts you on her/his radar. Join a unit based governance committee, or quality improvement committee and network with your peers. Good luck.