What would u do?

  1. I've been at my current job for 15 years. The same floor and cart as well. I work on the sub acute floor and we have 16 patients a piece.

    My don just told me today I would be moving to the other sub acute floor because they need a strong leader over there and I have experience. They are moving a girl from long term to my cart to give her experience.

    I've worked with my current co workers for 2 years. We get along and have each other back. The problem we were told is that we are" too cliquey" .

    The thing is ,I have to change my schedule and now I feel I'm starting all over again. I get these infusions for a disorder called fabry and I already have a schedule when I'm getting them to be off the next day. These infusions drain me and make me sick.

    The question is, how do I go about telling my boss I don't want to change my weekends also has anyone else experienced this sort of change and did u feel it was for the better?!

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  3. by   Chad Collins
    I would tell him the truth with your exsperience you could easily move to another facitilty and probley make more money.
  4. by   P_RN
    Wow. I'd at least have my PMP write the DON and explain the problem with changing the schedule. Fabry is a drain on the pocketbook to treat. I wouldn't quit and move though until the DON is informed that the change would be detremental.
  5. by   IRF-Nurse
    You do not need to tell the director WHAT your condition is... But I would likely let her know that changing schedules isn't something you're able to do for personal/medical reasons. I would also ask that supervisor if s/he's willing to work with you to make it work out for each of you. If that's not possible, then ask for a commitment that allows you to schedule your personal/medical needs on your time off. Obviously that supervisor is either under pressure to make the transition, or feels that your relationship with your coworker has gone beyond the merely professional. Either way, if her goal IS to change your days... you may need to consider rearranging your treatment days or looking for another place with a more convenient schedule...