What to do when you and your boss clash?

  1. I have chronicled some of my first nurse manager adventure stories on here. It's been a pretty bad month. But aof dirt has been uncovered as I have struggled. The politics and alliances are messy. My boss, the VP of nursing as they call her has been very hard to work with. I am one of the easiest going people but me and her butt heads. And I know why now. She has her clique. I am a total outsider. She never had more experience other than a charge nurse at a LTC. She is not a real VP/Director. She hasn't guided me because she has no clue. The crap hit the fan today, its a long story....but I won't get into it. I have been getting calls 24/7 from work, working long days, being called at 7:30am, 10pm... its ridiculous. My boss is stepping all over my toes, tellign me to be independant, sending me unprofessional texts..... We finally had it out today.

    But I nicely learned everyone is on my side. All the directors. Even the CEO, head of HR..... They all gave me her dirt today. I almost walked out a few times, but realized that if I do, she wins. So I won't. And no one eants me to and I have all the support of every director and department head and they all agreed they would suport me and step up if needed. They are some awesome people.

    However....can it really work if me and my boss are the ones who don't see eye to eye? I can have al the support but if my boss doesn't like me or I challenge her (bc she honestly doesn't know what she is doing) am I going to survive?

    She is going for her NP and I think she will be done in 9 months. I think she won't want ot do this anymore. Growth can be on the horizon for me if I turn this place around and do my job good.

    I am determined not to let her take me down. If I stand strong, do you think I can make it even if I don't see eye to eye with my boss?
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  3. by   ImThatGuy
    Document your problems. Use email to communicate a lot. Make audio recordings if lawful in your state. I've done it.