No Management Experience - Only Clinical

  1. Have 15 years experience, mostly in OB, but also some experience in a couple of other areas. Obtained my MSN a year ago. Interviewing tomorrow for an OB Director position. Do I have much chance without any management experience? I think I would like doing this (obviously, or I wouldn't have applied), but will definitely need training in budgeting and other management duties. I'd be happy to take additional courses, CEUs or seminars to obtain this knowledge. My MSN was focused on women's health, as I also obtained my Certified Nurse Midwife designation.
    Have any of you gone into management without any experience? If so, how difficult was it to learn the ropes? I'm up for a challenge, but don't want to be in over my head, either...

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  3. by   SappyRN
    You will need to express some of these concerns in the interview and ask them what training they will be providing that is specific to the job. Always promote what you are bringing to the table... the vast knowledge and experience that you do have. Most companies willbexpect a certain amount of training will be needed for a new manager and every company will have different expectationsfor the job. Good Luck.
  4. by   danceluver
    Good luck! I am pursuing a women's health MSN too in the future (CNM likely with FNP)....I hope to work in management after my clinical experience (just like you did) did you interview go? Are you going to take the position?
  5. by   mommy2boysaz
    The interview went well, I think... They are a facility that has experienced a dramatic decrease in their OB numbers over the past few years and I definitely see some potential to turn that around, which is exciting!
    They asked if I could return in the evening one day this week, to allow some of the night shift nurses to meet/interview me, so I am going to do that and then see what happens from there...