Move up or down?

  1. I am currently ED Manager for a 35,000 bed non-trauma ED in a moderate sized city. My director is a micro-manager, and the current leadership team is going through firing / transitions. I am pretty well respected and don't worry about myself, but the environment is fairly obnoxious. I love my staff and the ED docs, but the administration is driving me a bit crazy. I have been in the position three years and have 5 years supervisory experience.

    I have an opportunity for a director position in a small rural hospital. The admin team there seems very dynamic and outgoing, and it is attractive. Here are the facts:

    Current commute: 5 minutes each way. If I take the rural: 1 hour each way.
    Current beds in ED: 28. Rural hospital: 8.
    Present manager salary: $84,000. Rural hospital Director salary: $100,000.

    Here is my major question: would this be seen by future employers as a move up or down? If I go from 35,000 visits a year to 18,000, will that impact my stock in the future? Should I just wait it out?

    Would love your thoughts!
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  3. by   catlover314
    I think I understand what would drive you away from your current job, but what I don't hear is why you would WANT the rural job. If you are looking to be a director it makes sense and I'd see it as an entry to future goals. But if you want the job just to escape your current job it will probably not be a satisfying move.

    I would think that any director's position carries with it an increase in job responsibilities that would be seen as an upward move, regardless of facility size, but that is a guess on my part.

    Rather an unrelated question, but is it ok with them if you live that far away? What happens if you are needed emergently, or is that likely?
  4. by   classicdame
    can you move? I sure could for that salary
  5. by   kayern
    Will you be happy in a smaller ED?

    Being micro-managed is torturous, but who really knows what the Administration in the new ED will be like.

    Let's talk money...............time is money. Is it worth 16,000 to commute an hour each way.
    Say you make $55/hr X 2 =$110 day
    $110/day x 5days/wk = $550.
    550 x 4wekks/mo = $2200. month
    $2200 x 12 months/year = 26,400. So all in all are you really making more $$$?

    Think hard before making the move!
  6. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I agree with the other user who said that you need to consider your motives for this potential job switch. Make sure your doing it for the right reasons. If you want to be a clinical director and wish to continue rising in the field of nursing administration this position might be a good idea. The only other thing that I will ask is that the $100,000 salary you listed for this position, is that after negotiations with the facility or is this figure what they initially offered to you?