Medication error report spreadsheets

  1. Just started a new job as nurse manager, one of my duties is to review medication errors and categorize them at the end of each month. Is there any type of spreadsheet you guys can recommend or some sort of electronic system that is used to track trends? Thanks so much!
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  3. by   classicdame
    why don't you ask the risk manager for your facility if there is a tool available or a sample of work he/she prefers. Might save you lots of time
  4. by   NayNaeRN
    Thanks for your response. We actually don't have such a position where I work. I'll try and see if there is any info on the web about different excel spreadsheets or something.
  5. by   centered-rn
    I am looking to accept a Nurse Manger's position also. Can I pm you?
  6. by   NayNaeRN