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Conflict of Interest

  1. 0 Hello all. I have recently accepted a new salaried position as an Assistant Nurse Manager. I am used to being able to work overtime if necessary or desired, but that opportunity no longer exists with my full-time job. I have been an ER nurse for the past 6 years. There are several PRN bedside positions at other hospitals in my area. Would this be considered a conflict of interest to manage at one facility and pickup extra shifts at a different facility? What are your thoughts?
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    Check with Human Resources. I had no such restrictions when I managed a unit, but I also had no spare time to devote to another job

    Do you have 24/7 responsibility for staffing that would require you to work if a shift is not covered? That could be a problem if it happened on a shift that you plan to work at another facility.
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    The conflict would be your ability to fullfill the obligation to another place of employment if there was a problem with staffing or other emergency at your main job. If you need extra money, maybe you can come up with another idea, but I wonder if you really can devote time to other employment considering the usual load being ANM. Good luck.
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    I have known at least one nurse who was the DON of one facility while working full time staff at another facility. There is a statement in Title 22 that prohibits more than one job, but it states DON, so I guess that technically she was ok because she wasn't DON at both places. However, I would imagine that her two full time jobs contributed to her individual need to steal drugs from her place of employment. I am certain you wouldn't entertain such a thought. This person acted as if she were entitled. I would limit my second job to what I could reasonably handle without bringing on constant fatigue.