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Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me what exactly a Clinical Nurse Leader does? I am working on getting into nursing but am completely stumped on what to do as I get closer to finishing prereqs. I hold a non-nursing B.S. and... Read More

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    Quote from nurse hila
    I graduated from a master's entry CNL program. I chose to get a master's because I:
    -already had my bachelor's
    -wanted a master's
    -it was a shorter program

    Hospitals want RNs who have their bachelor's or master's. (At least where I live) And this will obviously offend people but it's true. It's easier to get a job as a new grad with a master's or bachelor's than an ADN, unless you know someone or are really awesome. .
    *** One of the large health systems I work for, after some experience with them, no longer considers direct entry masters grads for employment as new grads. They are not hired into the nurse residency program anymore. I know of one other smaller regional health system that also will not hire them as new grads. I suppose a direct entry masters grad who was an experienced RN would be considered but so far as I know that hasn't come up yet.
    As you probaly know there are several types of direct entry masters programs. Some of them involve getting the basic RN education and then working for a year or so then entering an advanced practice program. Those grads who took jobs and accepted training knowing full well they would be leaving just as soon as they were starting to be useful to the unit (one year) left some very bad impressions with some nurse managers. I know that there are other programs, like yours that do not mean automatic enrollment in an advanced practice program. However, at least in some places, all grads of direct entry masters are being painted with a broad brush.
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    Quote from newmusic
    Hey I feel you - I had an alumni connection that could make me a CNL in just under two years - and declined.

    I am chomping at the bit for my NP really, but I believe in taking the time to do it the right way.

    True that that's not the case with other majors and masters like social work or psychology where you can have a change of heart after undergrad and do something a little different.

    I think the proliferation of so0o0o0o many accelerated nursing programs for non-experiences nurses is outrageous and insulting and demeaning - and that's coming from someone who isn't even a nurse yet! But I am an artist and a teacher who loves science and takes my education seriously. Seriously, why rush through this kind of education? Traditional nursing programs dont take that long compared to med school! It's really important to be thorough in this work. I don't want to forget everything right after finals because 6 courses are crammed into one summer term. No, I don't want to rush through my medical education just to get some quickie fast food degree. I don't think you will get hired without a summer student nurse job in between the traditional years anyway, and definitely not at the master's level.

    Totally don't mean to come across as so bossy or opinionated I am just passionate about this because I have been researching my new career choice like crazy and I also really love learning new things and I am not romanced when (always the overpriced private) universities try to swindle young people which is what I believe they are doing with this direct-entry jam.

    Hi newmusic,
    I'm new to allnurses and was looking through to ask about MSN education and saw your post. I am an endoscopy nurse for 7 years with my BSN and some masters classes under my belt, and would like to get my np, I think, but dont know much about the choices. Ay input. Thanks suesue
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    Quote from 38866
    I am a CNL. I graduated 2 years ago and have been functioning in the role for nearly 5 years. I love my role. I function close to the white paper ideals.
    is a great site to get you started. I've been to/presented at two different national conferences and the CNL varies a lot, depending on the institutions expectations of you. A lot of CNLs I meet are not as fortunate as I am.

    A lot of your education is similar to APRN. If I ever wanted to be an APRN it would be another year of education. I've never wanted to be an APRN, the CNL role is a great fit for me. This is the first text on the CNL. James Harris is part of the VA system, who has been a big supporter of the CNL. Linda is also fabulous and has been a great advocate. There is a chapter in there that features different CNLs across the country. I haven't read the whole book, just that section. Otherwise, I skimmed the content and it all looked really great. This book came out about a year ago or so.
    Hi 38866,

    I just read an old post of yours on CNL and APRN. I have a couple of master classes I completed a couple of years ago, but I want to finish and dont know what direction I need to go in. My goal is to work for the hospital I am at, only as a NP I thnk, like a hospitalist, bedside work. Can you help me with info. Thanks. suesue

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