All RN Managers / Employers.......Help an RN out?

  1. I am trying to turn a negative into something a little more productive.

    What are you looking for in a New Grad RN? What are some of the things that a New Grad can do to make themselves stand out in the crowd? What qualities are you looking for on the resume and in the interview that make you feel comfortable with giving a New Grad a chance. (I am requesting at least 4 qualities in order to prevent the same 1 or 2 answers.) Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Any further suggestion on how to get in to an ICU would be great as well.
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  3. by   hkrntobe
    WOW.... So What i'm hearing is "abandon all hope ye new grads who enter this profession!" I think the fact that NOT 1 person had any advise to offer speaks volumes! Sad really, makes me wonder what the future holds for this procession?
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    Your post has been moved to the Nursing Management forum with the hope of generating more replies. Good luck to you!
  5. by   kayern
    First, research the institution you are going to interview with. Know something about the hospital. I had one applicant correctly state we were Magnet designated but when I asked her what that meant the applicant didn't have any idea. So do your homework.
    Second, be assured the interviewer will ask you some questions that you will have to reference a past experience in the clinical area.
    Third, come prepared with some questions you would like answered. I learn about the applicant by the types of questions they ask as well as the way they answer my questions.
    Hope this helps
  6. by   Kyasi
    I can't help you out with this in regards to Home Health because I can't hire a nurse unless she has a year's experience. Since I have done hundreds of interviews I can tell you what issues are problems for me if I were to interview you.

    1. As someone said, know about the company you are interviewing for.
    2. Don't appear overanxious. If you appear desperate, it makes me wonder why nobody else will hire you.
    3. If you left another company, don't badmouth the Supervisor. I'm liable to tick you off also at some point and it will make me wonder what you will say about me to another interviewer.
    4. If you leave another job because of issues w/ the company, supervisor etc, I want to hear that you followed the appropriate chain of command to try to fix the problem. If you tell me you walked off the job without notice or without trying to solve the problem, I will not hire you.
    5. If you have a tongue stud, take it out. If I can't understand you speak or if you twirl that darned thing throughout the entire interview, it won't go well.
    6. Look in the mirror before you leave the home. If your clothes are inside out, dirty, have holes in the knees, your nipples are showing through your shear shirt, or I can see the upper 1/4 of your thighs and what color underwear you are wearing, I also won't hire you. (I have seen all of this!)
    7. I understand that you are nervous but listen to my questions and only answer what I ask. Don't fill in any gaps in conversation with nervous, unnecessary comments. That is when applicants tell me what I really want to know but can't ask. (you have a child who gives you daily problems and the principal calls you to the school daily is not something you want me to know)
    8. Let me get a word in edgewise. Let me be the one to decide if you are appropriate for hire. Don't continually tell me all of your attributes unless I ask for them. I recently interviewed someone who actually conducted the entire interview herself, I hardly said a word no matter how hard I tried!
    9. Be truthful. I will be conducting background checks. If you were arrested for something stupid you did 10 yrs ago, I may still be able to hire you if you tell me about it. But if you lie and say you were never bonded or arrested and it shows up later, I won't hire you... not because of the conviction, but because you lied.

    That's all I have time for now. Hope this helps. I'll post more if I think of anything else later.

  7. by   Kyasi
    Oh, and one more thing. Treat my office staff with respect before you get into my office. They report to me any rude behavior, impatience, etc. I rely on my staff and have a great deal of respect for them. So don't treat them poorly and then turn on a bright friendly face when you come in for the interview.
  8. by   classicdame
    have in your mind how to respond to questions like what are your strengths, weaknesses, and can you give an example of a learning moment in clinical or what are your long term goals. Being clean and friendly go a LONG way