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Hi! I currently work in critical care, on this unit since last fall. There is a lot to learn. I worked last night. There is an aide who has worked there for 30 or so years. He is very set in... Read More

  1. by   imintrouble
    Quote from ruby vee
    i'm unpleasantly surprised by how many posters insist that the cna needs to be "put in his place" and who've made disparaging comments about "bullying." the bullying behavior in that exchange came as much from the op as it did from the cna she was addressing. the op made it clear that she was not really listening to the cna and didn't value his input, and from the other comments she's made it seems that she doesn't really like or value the cna himself. he probably gets that. respectful behavior in the workplace is a two way street.
    i too was uncomfortable with the term "put in his place". also calling the cna a "bully" didn't strike me as accurate either.
    what place does the cnas we work with have? are they only there to answer lights and empty bedpans? are they not allowed to think for themselves? can they not determine what's important and what's not? that last may conflict with what a nurse thinks is important, but with respect the two can come to an understanding.
    if putting one in their place is ok, how can we ever be outraged when an md verbally attacks in an emergency situation?