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I don't recall seeing a thread like this and it was something someone asked me so I thought I would throw it out there. What are your favorite types of patients?? Me, I love when I have... Read More

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    The ones with the sensible and polite visitors
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    I work in an outpatient transplant clinic. I like:

    1. The patients who are actually grateful for the gift of a kidney or kidney/pancreas and do their part to stay healthy "because someone died for me to have another chance".

    2. The new post op pancreas transplant pts. Most of them have been type diabetics since they were kids, it is so great to see them able to live life without checking blood sugars and taking insulin injections. I guess because I am diabetic (although type 2) I can relate to how excited they feel.
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    intubated orphans with no friends. and propofol . . .
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    This is a great post. I must say that my favorite patients are elderly men and women with grit and spunk. They are tough as nails and never whine. When I float to the med-surg floor I tend to gravitate toward these patients.
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    I love the pleasantly confused little old ladies and men. I had a great LOL the other night--she was just so cute. I had to answer the same questions about a million times but she was just so darn sweet about it, I didn't mind at all.
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    I also love the witty patients with my same sense of humor.
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    I love my day 1 CABGs! I love that when I get them they still have wires, central lines, and 4 chest tubes. I love being the one who gets them to walk for the first time after surgery. I love when they get the IS over one thousand for the first time. I love the sheepish smile they give me when they decide, 'Yes that pain medicine really does work!'

    I love watching their Afib/RVR straighten out into SB.

    And I LOVE that by the time I discharge them home, they are ready to start a new chapter in life.
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    My current favorite are the sarcastic old men with a good sense of humor

    I actually enjoy some of the "tougher" patients because I enjoy the challenge of trying to get them to see things in a different light. Usually they are giving people a hard time because of a personality clash or a misunderstanding, and helping them get through that is a nice challenge.

    I used to like POD 1 CABG's too, because when I admitted them they felt sick as dogs, but by day 2 they look like a different person. But recently I have been getting all the people whose pain medicine doesn't work, they can't eat, and zofran/reglan have no effect. For days. That is just exhausting... there is just no telling with those cardiacs...
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    Besides the elderly which is my fav.
    I love most patients. I am not a fan of post surgical though. Not because they are bad patients just not my style.
    The spunkier the better though. I have seen some seriously ill patients who got better quick on just sheer will power and grit.
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    Quote from ruby vee
    intubated orphans with no friends. and propofol . . .
    i was thinking the same thing. lol

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