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Whenever I work with certain nurses I just hate the fact that in the beginning of the shift they fight over assignments and sometimes this takes so much time... It's so unprofessional and patients can actually hear these nurses.... Read More

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    Yes, some co workers that I have had to deal with can make any day go sour in a hurry, fighting over the assignments, staying on their cell phones due to family drama, voicing out their family drama staying hidden during most of the shift. Yes, we all have family drama but keep it at home please. I have been nursing for over 15 years now, and I usually take the harder patients and the heavier load just to get the day started as I know others would whine about it. Plus, it keeps me busy.

    It just amazes me after getting to know them, that they have been at this hospital for several years with their drama and others come and go. Very Toxic at where I USE TO WORK.
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    Ditto, but that can lead you to be in the manager's office for not being a team player, though you are helping taking care of their patients due to them being in the break room on their phone... bla bla bla... yep been there, done that.
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    I do understand.

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