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    We were short staff yesterday we had prior notice so I called the charge nurse the night before asked her to ask the late staff to each do something which would help the morning staff. It also should be noted that we had an extra staff member on the evening shift or I wouldn't have asked.

    When we got to work they hadn't done what was asked, when I questioned the people involved I was told 'well so and so doesn't do anything for me, so why should we do it for them?'

    I said I gave a direct order (something I dont really do) and why was it not carried out? Especially as I was coming in at silly oclock to work the floor to help the poor staff who were swamped.

    I was so annoyed! I was told there is not teamwork here, and I asked do you not think you are part of the process?

    To top it off the State came in on a surprise visit, so a little bit of teamwork would have been appreciated
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    Madwife- it sounds like you are going to have to teach your staff work ethic and team work. Would a plan, where for 13 weeks( psych says it takes 13 weeks to change a behavior) assign the CNA's of a shift in groups of 2 to each other and give them a list of things that need to be accomplished from their job description before the end of shift), assign the nurse from one shift who report off to the nurse from the next shift( keep the pairs consistant, Nurse A-1 from day shift constantly given the same assisgn ment with Nurse B1 from the following shift) what is expected from the 2 of them right down to what needs to be accomplished by hand off report to each other( no more leaving things for the next shift) and the same for charge nurse A shift with charge nurse B shift. And hold weekly meetings at change of shift to moniot progress and discuss issues.
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    Maybe I can answer part of this. I worked in small hospital for about 4 years. Knew everyone and made good friends. We went out for cocktails or dinner some evenings. I had many laughs and enjoyed everyone. I also worked my tail off. If someone needed a day off I worked for them. It bit me hard in the end. I went on vacation and came back to find I had been fired. Management did not like how I charted one night. Since I live in a "right to work state" there was no discussion. I sobbed for days. I not only lost my job but my friends as well. I am still recovering from this even though it has now been a couple of years. Never ever will I put myself in that vulnerable of a position again. I will keep my friends separate from my work. I do not want to be hurt like that ever again.
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    I like all my coworkers, but I would never want to hang out with them. I like to keep work life and home life unalterably separated.
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