unprofessional head nurse..help!

  1. im currently working abroad as a nurse. my co-nurses & i have different nationality. We have our own language but we use english. Most of the time, i am the only one in my race to be working in the ward(5nurses plus this head nurse)

    ok here's my complains

    -she's discussing patient care to nurses using their own language. i dont understand what theyre saying. it's about the patient, i should know it as well , right?!

    -she writes EVERYTHING in endorsement logbook, and use that as an excuse not to endorse it verbally and not to communicate with us at all.

    -whenever there's misunderstanding, she immediately go to chief nurse and tell everything about the conflict. why not talk to us first and solve it ourselves?

    -(im assigned on night shift whereas she's on morning shift): the nurses station's a mess! incomplete medicines, disorganized med tray etc...

    -she's not accompanying the doctor during rounds. she expects us to do everything

    -she's rude.she's commanding as if we are her servants

    im not actually the only one who noticed her nasty behavior. at least 20 nurses.
    i already confronted her, but she took it in a bad way. My license is at stake here.

    Im thinking of telling it over the nurses meeting, but im afraid it will not turn out the way it supposed to be. and the worst part of it, she might pick on me everytime we're on the same ward, she might ridicule me, tease me.. Is it better if i file a complain?

    plan a : tell it over the meeting without any letter of complain
    plan b : tell it over the meeting with a letter of complain
    plan c : letter of complain only
    plan d : help me

    thank you
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    What country are you in? There may be cultural issues going on here. Confrontational action is not always an acceptable behavior towards one's superior in the workplace.

    Is the head nurse required to accompany the physician's during rounds or is that truly the job of the patient's nurse? Some units/facilities the head nurse accompanies the physicians other units rounding is done with the patient's primary nurse.

    Is the mess at the nursing station the direct fault of the head nurse or is that the cumulative effect of a difficult shift or the habits of your coworkers?

    By writing the information in the log book would that not ensure there is a permanent record of the situation and if, as you say, there is a language issue would that not be beneficial if you miss something during verbal report? You originally stated that you cannot understand the conversations regarding patient care due to language issues. You say that you use English but you have your "own lanaguage". What is the language of the country that you are in? For example, if I were in the Middle East I understand that many people speak English but the primary language is Arabic. I would personally learn Arabic before going to work in another country, rather than complain that the local nurses are not using English. (I know that not everyone agrees with this thought process. Then again I took 2 years of French before I went to visit Quebec so that I could at least make an effort in conversing/communicating in the local language rather than assuming everyone else would accommodate me)