True day vs. night shift antagonism?

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    I know there's been plenty of threads about day vs. night shift, easier vs. harder, etc.

    I guess I'm just wondering whether anyone on here has experienced any true strife between day and night shifts? Actual antagonistic feelings?

    Personally, I'm feeling a bit put out but don't want to get into details unless others have also experienced this situation.

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    Last year the administrator at the hospital where I work spoke at an all staff meeting where he loudly announced that, "The night shift staff sucks."

    Yes, the shift wars definitely exist where I work, and day shift usually is portrayed in a more positive light.
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    I work nights and we've been incredibly short staffed for the last few months. Our day shift is great - good nurses with lots of experience, but most have never actually worked night shift before.

    The new fad among some of the day shifters has been to pick up a night shift (or two!) and then come back proclaiming how easy night shift is compared to day shift, how we don't do anything, etc.

    It's just like...argh. Doesn't even begin to delve into the real issues of working night shift. But we're expected to ignore the complaints because, hey, let's face it, night shift generally is slower paced than day shift.
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