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After a couple of months of volunteer time in the ER, I declined a near 6-figure promotion (another field) to reenter the classroom. I spent my weekends there instead of getting plastered at bars or clubs. Corporate America’s... Read More

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    I care about SOME of my patients. (lets be honest here...)
    One patient in particular, i got so incredibly close with him and his family and he was having major major surgery. Was given a 1/4 chance of survival. I had him the day before surgery and his outlook on his was unbelievable. Such an inspirational man. The day of his surgery i couldn't stop thinking about how he was doing. I was going to be back on Monday. and on sunday night i called work and i was like "is_______ on our floor yet.? if so can i request having him as a patient?" the charge nurse was like "You know that means you will be split down both halls right?" i was like "Thats fine." nobody ever wants to be split down both halls.
    he was so happy to see me monday. i didn't tell him i requested to have him back...but i did tell him and his family i thought about him lots and kept him in my prayers all weekend. I even picked up the next day just so i could see him, and be the one to send him home.

    So..yes, there are patients that i do care about. htere are some where im like "If i get assigned with this patient ever agan, im quiting nursing"..true story.
    We all know the types we are talking about here. And no...i really don't care. Other patients i care for?? i'll go out of my way for you!!

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    I think you said it in your own post -
    but people never (hardly) change. I have dealt with this state of mind before; in and out of the hospital.
    You'll likely run into the same types you have in the corporate world - bullies and a-holes in this profession too!
    It sounds like you had an image of nurses that needs to be adjusted. You will continue to change your images of nursing throughout school and your profession. Better sooner than later.
    You won't escape the corporate world much by going into nursing. It's all about the money and there's a lot less of it going around in the health care industry.

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