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I'm certain that every nurse who has ever worked at the bedside has provided care for the patient who never seems to receive any visitors. In fact, the roles were reversed nearly five years ago when I was the patient laying in... Read More

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    very insightful article.

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    T̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ story is such a sad one . At times , it may be due to lack of adequate finances that will prevent t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ family from showing up at t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ bed side of their relative. Most especially t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ under develope countries in africa. It mat also be due to their religious belief or mis conception about t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ illness. That will prevent t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ relatives from showing up at t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ bed side of their relatives.
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    How sad, you live your life bearing the burden of being unable to have children, then get judged by nurses for not having visitors in old age.
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    They are those that do not want any visitors too, all they want to do is sleep and get over the sickness that brought them to the hospital in the first place! They don't even tell family members, co-workers or friends that they are in the hospital...
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    I prefer when my patients don't have visitors, makes my job a lot easier!

    Very good article though because it is so true. We just don't know and sometimes never will.

    It is sad when pediatrics patients don't have visitors but I agree with those who have already addressed this. Sometimes the parents are the reason they are there. I took care of a child during my clinical that was a victim of child abuse so he had no visitors. He liked to be held and pushed in his stroller so having a student was very good for him. The nurses said they were sick of charting with him on their laps!
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    I work in peds on a floor with chronic kids who most often qualify for home nursing care. We also have several who are CPS custody or live in long-term care homes. I don't always know or understand all the reasons why the kids are in that situation, other times I do know. I also know that many of these kids come from single mothers who work full time and care for other kids at home, families who live far away from the hospital and have to work, and I also understand that families need breaks and are not bad parents if they are not at the bedside 24/7. Especially if their kids spends half of their life inpatient.

    On the other hand it is extremely sad when I see families kinda give up on a kid and come less and less often. Sometimes they detach emotionally.

    I can see in the adult world how just because a person is sick, does not mean they are a nice person. Maybe they are mean and nasty and have alienated everyone from their lives. In nursing school I did encounter a few adults like this who were just awful, treated the nurses badly on purpose just for kicks, and I could see why even their own kids would not want to stay long for a visit.
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    It is amazing any parent can leave a sick child in the hospital. I am lucky I have only had each of my kids stay in the hospital overnight one time. My son was a bit older and could have been left but he was only there to have a 24 hour EEG and not sick. They provided him with a video game system and he was in heaven. I was in nursing school and had clinicals the next day (I've never missed a clinical under any circumstances cause I was too afraid of the repurcussion) so my husband stayed the night. My daughter was admitted with asthma at 15 months and I never left her side even when she was sleeping. I just can't imagine.

    I don't usually pass judgment on my patients because I learned there could be multiple reasons why there are no visitors. It does bug me though when family does not know what is going on and all of a sudden they visit because they are hospitalized and want to monopolize all of your time and are very demanding. I do tend to notice the patient's who are not very nice don't usually have visitors and it just kind of makes me go hmmmm.
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    I know the feeling..I was once in the hospital for over a week, with family that I regularly talked to, who couldn't be bothered to drive the 20 min to the hospital to see how I was. You know it's a sad state when the only people to come see you are your boss and his girlfriend!

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