That'll teach me to be honest....

  1. Ive been workin over 3 months for a HH company in the hospice division which right now consists of 3 of us. Bigger boss, supervisor and me. Bigger boss has been out 2 weeks, first because of a family illness, then a vacation. So me and supervisor have been busting butt, very long days with no breaks, fine. Never complained, never said boo when they kept piling on me.

    We get 1 sick day a month. I was going to call out sick for my daughter last week when she had a fever beut didn't. because I knew there wasn't any help. I sent my daughter to camp when she was having fevers at night.

    Killed myself this week, but my daughter got ill again yesterday. This time she was in lots of pain and had to see the doctor.

    So, I was honest with my boss, said my daughter is pretty ill, I can't make it in today, but since my daughter goes with her father tomorrow, I'll do whatever visits can't be done today, tomorrow (thinking I'm being nice, because I could have just called out sick and let them figure it out)

    Well, she proceeds to tell me, "I cant give you a sick day today because your not sick. It has to be you. So you have to work a full load tomorrow including an admission." She actually tells me next time don't be so honest. *****!? I was worried about her having to pick up my patients, so I offer to take care of them on my day off and this is what she tells me?!?

    I'm so upset. The bigger boss is using sick days for her family memeber. I heard the blantant lie this one said on a day she called out "sick" (she was not sick, I heard all about her plans)

    She could have just said "I'll let everyone know you are sick this time"

    So, this is what I've learned. Lie and don't try to help anyone else.

    I miss my old job dearly. Wonderful hospital, if you called out for sick kids, they told you they hope your kids felt better. I wish i could manage shift work being a single parent, but i just can't
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    wow, i'm sorry to hear this.
    i too, have always believed in honesty...
    only for it to come back and bite me.
    i remeber one time i was telling my therapist about something i had been *honest* about, (that came back to bite me, too), and her response was, "you have absolutely no screening process".
    i thought about that for a long time, and actually interpreted it as being given permission to lie sometimes.

    so yeah, lesson learned.
    you were honest with boss.
    in turn, boss felt compelled to be honest by refusing to pass on a lie.
    so next time, you know what you have to do.

    fwiw, i've never ever gotten used to lying - absolutely hate it.

  4. by   Zookeeper3
    no good deed goes unpunished :uhoh21:
  5. by   Double-Helix
    Your sick time is your time. You're entitled to take it. It's no one's business why you are using a sick day or who is sick. In fact, if someone asks you "why are you calling in sick?" you do not have to tell them because that is your personal information. They are not entitled to it.

    So next time, just say, "I'm using a sick day today. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll be back tomorrow."