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Just scanning through the forums I can see that all of us have at one time or another had to deal with a difficult personality at work. I wanted to put my situation out there and see if I could get some feedback on how I'm... Read More

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    I didn't read anything negative into him referring to the employees as girls
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    Hi, I cama accross your post by accident, I am going for a Band 6 (sister) post and was looking for some tips lol.
    You sound like a very good manager and clearly this member of staff is in the minority. I think she is a narcissist from reading your post and if so she will be totally unaware of the trouble she is causing as it will allways be someone elses fault. I would suggest that you invite her for her performance appraisal and present some of the issues to her, set her an action plan addressing the problems, if she flies off the handle you have folllowed caapability procedure. Make a note of all conversations yoy have with this individual, form aggreed action plans together offer her study days etc.
    I dont think there is much more you can do to be honest, she is an obvious problem. Maybe stop trying to help her and find suitable policies and procedures to move her !.
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    Thanks guys! I appreciate the input. I don't hover over this MA any more than the others. My observation that she is abrasive with the patients is merely my own and hasn't been shared with her. I find it odd that she gets no shows into the clinic, but is very non-therapeutic once they're in.

    I finally had a serious sit down with my boss and she told me (as it has been advised here) to stop going out of my way to make this employee happier in her work. She told me that I do the evaluations and it is my call if "the girls" (her terminology) get raises or if they even keep their jobs. It is part of their job descriptions to meet the standards I set forth and I don't owe anybody an explanation for expecting the standards are met.

    I feel soooo much better and more prepared to handle this situation now. It helps knowing I'll be backed up. I've had bosses before who wouldn't back me up.

    Thanks again for all the awesome advice!
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    In my over 25 years in nursing, wish I had worked for a manager like you!


    Best wishes on your FNP studies...happy to hear you have
    autonomy as a manager.
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    Quote from plasmatix
    -- Prepare a list of duties for the position that fit the needs of the clinic, and have it approved by clinic management. Do not include ANYTHING for which this woman is not qualified (by licensing agency standards) or in which she has not (a) received a measureable level of on-the-job training by YOUR clinic staff, or (b) academic credit for the requisite learning, and (c) demonstrated both proficiency and willingness to perform regularly. Above all, remember that the clinic's obligation, legally and ethically, is to the well-being and safety of their PATIENTS. This woman's dissatisfaction and her belief that she is overqualified do not enter into the equation.
    -- If she is does anything that violates legal or workplace guidelines/ rules, you need to address it in a timely and direct manner. Start keeping a file of your own for documentation of performance issue investigations/ discussions (or any encounter seemingly at odds with acceptable professional behavior). They don't have to be lengthy, but they do have to be able to stand on their own in a legal setting.
    This was a fabulous and long post. I just wanted to point out in addition to the above that the OP stated that in his state, MA's cannot administer medications. This is different than in my state. MA's can administer medications including some injections- but we have a policy at my facility that people of any licensure do not administer medications that they haven't drawn up unless the syringes are properly labeled, and even then rarely. I'd be insulted, personally, if another staff member insisted on drawing up my meds!

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