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  1. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    Sounds like "Ann" might do better to work in child care because that's generally how one handles a toddler having a temper tantrum...a toddler that couldn't do serious physical harm to someone if they got out of control. She's letting the residents wrap her around their little finger, and it's going to cost someone big time.
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    wait a minute....(talking to myself here)

    where i work....a LPN can't be charge over a RN. maybe it's different where you are...i don't know. i know that in my area, even when i worked as a STUDENT nurse.....there were things i was allowed to do under the supervision of a RN, but not LPN. it seemed kind of silly to me, but it was just a matter of law.

    anyhow...i think you should have a talk with ann. my initial thoughts on the situation are not that she's "gone too far" or she's a "sociopath," but instead that she's gotten to know the patients and is doing what she knows will get them "under control."

    she may not even realize that she undermining you or that they are "splitting staff." why don't you ask to meet with her, tell her your concerns, and see what she says? you might be able to work out a if something escalates...YOU are in charge of the decisions and she backs you up regardless of what your decision is.

    she has probably become complacent and is flattered that they "only like ann" and has forgotten that they have personality disorders and are implementing the "splitting" technique. it may just take a simple wake up call. try it before you get the "big dogs" involved.
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    Quote from elprup
    Another reason nursing is so dysfunctional to me. Crazy the way it all works out.
    Life is dysfunctional. I've had these types of coworker issues in many settings. Yarn store drama anyone?