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  1. So I work with a coworker who is rude beyond belief. Not a nurse, but clinical staff. I have gotten into my job and enjoy what I do, despite the stress, and I get along fine with everyone else, but this coworker has a problem with everyone. I have been told stories about arguments, defiance, and issues with this coworker by almost all of my other coworkers. I don't know the coworker much because I honestly just try to stay away from them after they have have been rude to me a few times. Any time I talk to the coworker, even something polite like "good morning", or "how are you" or even ask a question like "do you have any such and such supplies over here", the coworker is just rude and cold. I have had other coworkers come to me to complain about this person, saying how rude and lazy and unhelpful they are, and I have seen it as well. Breaking rules, slacking on work, and being nasty to other coworkers and even patients. I don't gossip about the coworker but I did talk to the manager about them and then, the coworker confronted me, screaming and threatening me in front of coworkers and patients. I am fed up with this bully, and with working hard while they do hardly anything, and listening to everyone complain about them. Everyone says, "oh that's just how they are, we think that they're unhappy so they take it out on everyone else." I even had a coworker struggling one day to manage her patients and she broke down crying, meanwhile, what did rude coworker do? Go off and socialize in another area, not even offering to help! I don't understand the mentality of this coworker, I would always try to help someone if I see they were struggling like that. It's called being a decent person. Whenever I am not struggling under my workload (which isn't a lot since I am always slammed doing everything because this coworker does nothing...) I go out to the other areas and offer my help to other coworkers, who are all polite and helpful to me as well, and who I am not afraid to ask questions or say good morning to... The coworker has the worst attitude I've ever seen in a fellow employee and I'm not sure what to do. Any advice or similar experiences? What can I do?
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  3. by   Heart2015FNP
    There is nothing more dangerous than having a workplace bully in your unit. My best advice for you is to document the incidents objectively, document the meetings with your manager. Most importantly, locate your policy and procedure regarding conduct of behavior and/or harassment. Every organization has one. Follow your chain of commands and document what the perpetrator does to you specifically. Not to others----watch your own back----can't save the world...but you can exercise your right to not work in an hostile environment. Sounds like you should go to Human Resources and file a complaint if management doesn't investigate. Interesting enough they often don't because they are victims themselves.
  4. by   JZ_RN
    I did file a formal incident complaint with management because she threatened me and screamed at me in front of coworkers and patients, who saw the whole thing and signed the complaint along with me. I can't change the fact that's she's lazy and rude but she's not going to be aggressive towards me. I don't deserve that. No matter what I do she has no right to yell at me. And what am I supposed to do? Just do all the work and get screwed over forever because she's lazy and never say anything? Ugh.
  5. by   Heart2015FNP
    Keep me posted.
  6. by   T-Bird78
    I had a coworker like that working the front desk. She was rude to everybody. We had a policy where the nurses had to ask the front desk for pt's insurance coverage if the doc ordered testing to be done in the office and the front desk would let the pt know what their out of pocket would be. I had 4 pts in the back and 2 needed the additional testing. I asked the front desk person if she could talk to the pt in room 3 for the testing (we couldn't begin the testing until the pt signed the consent and agreed to the payment). She said, "I'm busy, you can wait a minute." Ten minutes later I went back to the front (all the exam rooms were full and nobody could start the testing) and the other front desk person asked what I needed. I explained it and she was figuring it out when the mean one yelled, "I SAID I'D GET IT IN A MINUTE!" and the entire waiting room looked at me. I told her that I wasn't talking to her, the other person had offered to help. Similar incidents happened quite frequently with her, and even non-work related discussions were heated. She told me I was wrong because I didn't want my 8-year-old having a Disturbed song about killing his mother on the iPod (his dad's then-girlfriend loaded it on there). Nothing was right except if it was her idea. I wound up transferring to a different office within the same company to get away from her. Good luck!!