Rude and demanding co-workers- non-nurse

  1. 0 Why did you take so long to come to the front desk or answer the phone or come to this room or respond to a message?

    Because unlike you, I am not customer service. I am a nurse, in the clinic, caring for patients. I cannot be in 2 places at once so sometimes you and another non-urgent patient are going to have to wait and stop hassling me! Agh.

    /vent. Anyone else deal with non-nurse employees hassling you about how long it takes to do your job before coming to help them/do something for another patient?
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    No, I can't really say I've encountered that. I've worked with plenty of folks from other disciplines/areas of the hospital who clearly have little idea what I do ... but I have not dealt with the "hassle" you're describing.

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