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We were just given notice that we are to punch out within 6 minutes of our shift end, and also to not punch in until 6 minutes prior to shift start. This is an acute care hospital. Is this realistic?... Read More

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    I'm not saying it's reasonable but in my new job we're not supposed to punch in/out more than 7 minutes before or after our shift without prior approval.

    Which stinks for me because I prefer to get to the floor early to research my patients and get report.
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    This is what we do in my hospital (shift technically ends on the 24 ie 1924 and starts on the 54, 0654. Which is 6 minutes before 0700 and 1900. We then have 6 minutes after those times (0706 & 1936) to punch in/out. Now do we always get out at those times? heck no! My unit is pretty lenient with the late clock outs (late clock ins however will draw their attention) but we have been so full, busy and short staffed lately they don't care what time you stay until so long as the patient is covered and safe, they don't get on us about overtime pay or the "red boxes" that will show up on our online time stamp when we are late out. I am rarely out on time and I think that goes for most of my unit.

    And yup, we have Kronos
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    We also use Kronos and are to clock in and out within 6 min. However, we have a variance sheet by our time clock, to write reasons for the exceptions. I'm usually day-shift charge, so frequently come in early and leave late. As long as our manager has a justifiable reason, no one gets in trouble.
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    We use Kronos as well and have the 6 minute rule. If I clock out by 0745, I consider it a victory. As long as I'm out the door by 0800 I'm good. There have been a few crazy shifts where I didn't leave till 0830 or 2030. I've never gotten in trouble for it. Management is pretty understanding and as long as OT is d/t patient care/charting, they don't say a word.
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    yep its kronos .we have it at my hospital also.we have to clock in no earlier then seven min before our shift and clock out no later then seven min after .and all our shifts start 15 min before the hour and end 15 min after.for ex 1045 am to 1115 pm or 645 am to 715pm.
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    I've always been able to do it in psych. Well okay, not ALWAYS,
    but the vast majority of the time.

    No where else. Not in Med Surge, not LTC...
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    That's one good thing about being salaried........no issues with clocking in/out. OTOH, there's no OT, no 'official' breaks, and no extra pay for those 14-hour days when you've got JCAHO or state surveyors in your building.:uhoh21:
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    Sounds like Kronos to me. I can understand not punching in before 6 minutes.
    Punching out after 6 minutes.. equals overtime and must be approved per hospital policy.
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    I work an HHC/Manor Care facility years ago that 1 time clock for the entire two store building and the expectations that approximately 30 people could all clock in and out within a total 6 minute window; i.e. no sooner than 3 minutes till the hour and no later than 3 minutes after the hour. If you clocked in by the 3 minute past mark but clocked out at the 3 minute before mark you got 15 minutes docked from your pay. The most ridiculous thing I have ever encountered with the exception of one boss who wouldn't unlock the door until 7:58 AM every day but expected everyone to be at the desk working literally 1 minute later.
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    At my job they have just started clocking in at the start of shift on the DOT (0700/1900 or whatever is your shift) no grace period. We also have kronos.
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    Quote from Lil'mama
    At my job they have just started clocking in at the start of shift on the DOT (0700/1900 or whatever is your shift) no grace period. We also have kronos.
    you mean to say you have to line up at the clock to punch in??
    ok - you win- youre situation sucks more than mine!!!
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    Quote from Meriwhen
    They do it because of how their time clock system works...it sounds like they're using Kronos at your job. If you punch in earlier than 6 minutes before or leave later than 6 minutes after, you're technically working an extra 1/10 hour that they have to pay you for.

    Common? Very...
    My thoughts exactly, M.