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i was reading some of the remarks from 2010 post concerning patient modesty in conjunction with surgical procedure. one poster stated that, in her hospital, they tape their trauma surgeries, and instruct all involved staff to... Read More

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    thank you for including a copy of the consent form used at thr hospital where your surgeries were done. it is certainly short, concise, and very easily understood. my feeling is now that adding the taping possibility to the consent form is sufficient. i was under the impression that the consent forms were a lot longer and more drawn out, and for this i apologize. i have never harbored any fears that doctors or hospitals were using these tapes for anything other than training or educational purposes, and certainly not to take advantage of patients. it is just that the issue of patient privacy is very dear and important to me, and must be kept sacred at all costs. again i thank you and everyone else for your comments.

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    Quote from J.R.theR.N2b
    my one and only hospitalization was in february of 1995. i was admitted for a cardiac catheterization and was told i would stay overnight and be discharged the next day. after arriving at the appointed time of six am i was prepped and awaiting the procedure by seven am. a patient of the cardiologist scheduled to do the caths that day had a patient have a heart attack earlier that morning, and it was after three in the afternoon before they could take me back for the procedure. i was asked if i wished to reschedule but since i was already registered and my iv was already in i decided to wait. the doc discovered blockages in three coronary arteries, and decided not to attempt angioplasty. my physician left for the night without informing me of what he had found. i was okay with this since i was told i would be spending the night afterward. later that night two nurses came to my room with orders i was to be transferred to the open heart unit. now i was scared, so scared that i refused to cooperate or go anywhere until i was informed just what was happening. my cardiologist was summoned back to the hospital, and after informing me of the blockages, bypass surgery was recommended, and i signed the consent without even looking through it.
    I apologize for offending you, but I still don't see what the above has to do with videotaping a medical procedure.
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    Quote from WeepingAngel
    I apologize for offending you, but I still don't see what the above has to do with videotaping a medical procedure.
    Especially since it happened in 1995. Kind of late to be worrying about whether you were videotaped, lol.
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    i was concerned that hospitals and physicians were attempting to somehow videotape a patient's procedure without adequately informing the patient of the possibility this may occur. i felt that it would take only minutes for a surgeon to tell the patient face to face when he/she obtained the original informed consent, especially if the procedure they were getting consent for was one that was certainly going to be taped. i never, however, had any ideas of the resultant videotapes or still photographs being used in a detrimental manner toward any patient, and even stated earier in this same post, that i would have consented to such taping if informed by the physician face to face. i felt that by "burying" the possibility of the taping in some fine print in the consent form was an attempt to bypass the patient in the hope they would not read the entire, lengthy consent form, assuming that the patient would refuse if imformed in the face to face manner i spoke of. after reading and considering all of your comments, especially from poochiewoochie, who included an actual consent form, i now realize i was wrong in my thinking. there is no reason that such a short, clear, and concise consent form could not be read in its entirety and completely understood by any competent patient, so i apologize for being difficult. finally, for weeping angel, after rereading the post you questioned, i myself fail to see what it had to do with videotaping. i have no problem accepting your apology and hope you will continue to voice your opinion on whatever i may post, even if you disagree.

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