Nursing Hostility and Other Nonsense - page 5

In my short career as a nurse I've seen some terrible behavior among nurses, and I'd like to share my take on things. I've only been a year for two years, and working as a nurse for 13 but in... Read More

  1. by   A1973
    A lot of women in the workplace seek out women they can hurt and bully. They smell fear on a woman and pounce on her. A LOT of women in the workforce---not all but a lot of them are not nice people. Women bosses especially are the nastiest people. I have had so many bad experiences with women who are bosses. I've only had 2 bosses that were nice. #2 is such a small number! The rest of the women I worked for were PIGS. Treacherous, vindictive in the way they dealt with me. I am the type of person who believes in being kind to everyone, respecting everyone. Maybe I am just stupid but I always thought that I would be treated according to how well I treat others. I guess I was wrong. Dead wrong. When you work for women you see hell. When you work with women you see hell. Women in the workforce (not just in nursing but other fields) are just hell to deal with. Period.
  2. by   dudette10
    I know nurses can be ******. What I don't understand is why people allow it to go on. My own personal recipe for workplace harmony:

    I don't care about being liked, but I do demand the minimal respect that you give another human being. I will NOT be caught up in stupid drama. I do my work, I don't fiddle-fart around, I help out, I'm friendly, I keep my personal life private, I don't gossip. If I have an issue with someone (or rather, they've made it abundantly clear they have an issue with me), I face it head on, privately. Unsurprisingly, I never have an issue with that person again because they are so taken aback by my forthrightness, which was unexpected, that they have no outlet for continued passive-aggressiveness. I simply don't stand for it. I really don't know if people talk about me behind my back. As long as I don't hear it, I'm happily oblivious.

    I guess it all boils down to...I really don't give a **** about your drama, and I won't allow you to bring me into it. I've worked two different places with entirely different cultures, and any trouble I've had was short-lived, even with two particularly nasty nurses at my old workplace who were extremely passive-aggressive with me and who then kissed my ass at every opportunity only after confronting them with their crap. It's not that I cared about their crap, it's just that I no longer wanted to be distracted by their crap. At least I got some amusement out of their post-confrontation antics.