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I live in the Delaware Valley (PA, NJ, Delaware). Has anyone in this area ever been a target of this behaviour? I think a nurse bully picks on a competant nurse because the bully is intimidated by... Read More

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    I applause you for this! I wish I read this article sooner before I left my job.

    In my first experience I have confronted and took a nurse aside for calling me a degrading name. Since then we get along.

    The second incident was a nurse who bullied me continuously that even the EKG technician noticed that she picked on me. I was going through a lot of stress emotionally and physically. Finally spoke to my supervisor and she addressed the issue. I feel I am a softy because I value kindness and compassion and exert this positive attitude to my patients. Unfortunately she finds this a weakness. Little did she know that I was so close in writing her up, but she was soo lucky I didn't. Never again do I want to quit my job because of a bully. She was not worth my 4 years of hard work in Nursing education. I learned through this ordeal and I thank you for your response and courage.
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    It seems like the bullies are the ones that stay (after running others off) and retire after 30 or 40 years.

    They don't care, they get their paycheck every two weeks.