Not sure where to go next need help fired from work with out notice

  1. Hey I'm not sure what else to do so I'm here . I've been an aide since oct 2016 with a clean record that I'm worried will be tarnish with this complaint . I was walked out of my job with out notice they just said a Resident had made a complaint an there was a pending investigation an they were not able to tell me anything on the issue that. I would receive a call the only thing I could think of was a resident band me from their room after being cussed out and called racial slurs and being hit twice granted after being threaten with being hit I did state that if there where going to hit me that there was nothing I could do the resident then hit me once an I did let them hit me again there where 3 other people in the room watching this happen two of them being orientees after being hit and called the N word I told the other girls that sometimes you have to take care of people even if they don't want you too I did not yell or cuss at the resident I spoke to them as calmly as I could but the resident didn't want to stop fighting so I left the room . Yes I should have ignored her and not answered her at all but I don't believe it was anything to be concerned about since this resident did this often an was know as beening hateful towards staff so I just reported it to the nurse who seemed unconcerned Well fast forward 5 days and no call . So I speak to the DON who had no idea I had been suspend but I was in my file that the admistor had chosen to fire me . I'm not sure what else to do