Interns takes credit for my idea!! so unfair sometimess - page 3

and at the same time I feel great to have saved the patient Lots of time there are emergency situations at night and they have new interns covering who basically because they're new have a lot to... Read More

  1. by   LilgirlRN
    It's even worse when you make suggestions to your unit manager and they are implemented and you never get a thank you, great idea or nuthin'.
  2. by   Sun0408
    OP, I understand where you are coming from but just be glad you have the kind that will listen. We have the type that will code,intubate and shock a DNR/DNI 5 times. This same one was the "admitting" and knew the pt was a DNR/DNI. Also this same one ordered pain medication on different pt that the pt was severely allergic too and KNEW it.. Thank goodness for nurses like you and others like you that did what was best for the pt.

    No the pain medication was NOT given, we had to go over her/his head to get it DC'd, placed back on the allergy profile and order something the pt could take.
  3. by   azhiker96
    I'm happy when an intern, resident, or attending accepts my recommendation. Sometimes they suggest something else. If that option works then I learn something. If it doesn't work and they then turn to my recommendation then they learn something. In either case our future patients benefit.