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I'm a pretty nice person. When I'm abused/insulted by patients, whether I am in the wrong or not, I apologize and try to make everything better for them. I hate being disliked. I hate having unhappy... Read More

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    My response, "So you've been here for 5 hrs without an Scd machine and I am just coming on. I don't know the previous nurse's number so that you can yell at her. Right now I'm getting organized for the shift and because it's been a while I will make getting the Scd machine on top of my priorities but that's not my number one concern. Are u in pain? How's your breathing? Okay I will be back
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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhh!!!!
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    Quote from EGVnurse
    He asked me if he called Patient Advocacy would that make me move any faster.

    now that's funny pretty much like saying do i need to get my belt out??
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