How much personal info do you share with pts? - page 5

I am a second year RN student. I have had some really nosy, pushy patients the last couple of weeks and it has made me wonder where to draw the therapeutic communication / your asking me too many... Read More

  1. by   turnforthenurse
    You decide where to draw the line. I don't work on a psych floor. Most of the time I have no problem telling a patient I am married and don't have kids if they ask. We have a lot of patients who are veterans or military spouses and they ask what my husband does (he is military) or if he is deployed...again, most of the time I have problem talking about that information. I don't tell them more personal information (like where I live, etc).
  2. by   Steveinn02
    Answering personal questions from pts is best avoided. If asked if I am married or what do you do in your spare time, I make it very clear that those questions are inappropriate. As a male nurse I once answered that I was not married when a female pt asked me. Suddenly i was bombarded with "why not?" "whats wrong?" "are you gay?". It was an awkward situation in a room with 3 other pts when she became offended when I told her it was not her business and her questions were inappropriate. That was years ago. Most pts understand its not a reciprocal relationship but if they don't as a nurse you may have to spell it out for them. And most pts will not persist with such questions if you don't answer and change the subject to the task at hand.