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I have heard, many times over, about how an LPN "works under" an RN's license, and many RN's don't like that. LPN's have their own licenses, and are supervised by an MD or RN, so how does that work... Read More

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    Thanks, everyone. You confirmed what I'd always understood, but then looking at some AN postings, the question of "working" under an RN license seems to appear alot. Maybe it was just another subtle RN vs. LPN thing, or just misinformation, because I myself have been told that by a few RN's......I am now duly educated! Thank you all!

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    In my state, an LPN works under their own license. If they are delegated by an RN to do something that is not within their scope, and the LPN complies, then in fact the LPN would stand to lose their license. What can be stickier, however, is if an RN OR an LPN delegate to a UAP something they should not be doing, or do incorrectly and causes patient harm, THEN the "working under one's license" could come into play. It is not literally "working under license" as it is being delegated by a licensed person who should know better.
    I too have had RN's (and interestingly, most former LPN's) INSISTENT that LPN's "work under my license and I could be implicated...." YA, not so much....
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    What we were taught in school is that the LPN, LNV, CNA, work "under" the RN, DON, MD because they are delegated to by these higher authorities. For example, if an RN gives an assignment or task to an LVN and the LVN does something wrong, not only do they get in trouble but the RN will be questioned as well (was their delegation clear? thorough? correct? did they provide adequate teaching to the LVN before delegating the task?) That is what they mean by the LVN works under the RN, they work under the RN's supervision.
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