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Hi, I am a pedi nurse and was a primary RN for a patient for about a year and then they got discharged and went back home out of state. I became friends with the mom and the little patient. Now they are coming back to be... Read More

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    Quote from quetepye
    Wow, this is a tough one. I'm a student nurse and have seen a few issues like this come up already. They puzzle me since there are so many sides, plus there is no unanimous standard. They don't touch things like this in school.
    Actually, there is a "unanimous standard" from the leadership of all the helping professions -- don't do it. It's professionally and ethically inappropriate, not to mention sometimes dangerous, to enter into personal relationships with clients. It's just that lots of nurses (and probably some individuals within the other groups, as well -- I just don't have as much contact with them) choose to ignore that sage advice.

    And I'm always surprised when people comment that topics like this weren't addressed in nursing school. I was certainly educated about this issue in school, and have covered it thoroughly when I've taught in nursing programs. I'm kinda shocked that there are programs that don't talk about this and other improtant professional/legal/ethical topics, and always surprised at how many nurses come out of school knowing little or nothing about these issues (even things as basic as how licensure works).

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    i was also well-educated on this subject. as a matter of fact, a couple of my instructors harped on it and believe me, when i even consider blurring that line a little bit, my mind goes back and gets real clear real fast lol.

    what amazes me is the fact that as soon as you start "nursing school", family and friends begin calling for advice and asking questions. one of my instructors told us that in class and i just laughed it off, but it was true. my grandmother was having a procedure and refused to have anyone else in the family with her besides me because i was "in nursing school". heck, i was just starting my core classes! i had 2 exams that day and lost 20 points on them (10 pts for each that i missed)...shaking my head...but i was there for my bestie that i love so very much!!! but seriously, i was shocked at how many people would just call out of the blue...strange to me

    sometimes when it is a friend, it is difficult to remain professional at all times. with that being said, i try diligently to always be very careful to not "blur that line" or relationship with another because i was definately paying attention in class and know what can happen...and i don't want it to happen to me lol.
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    I think if you are pondering the question, that's enough indication right there. If something truly doesn't feel right, don't do it. Better to steer clear and avoid repercussions altogether.

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